There is a lot we want to do. Here is some of it!

Q3-Q4 2023

Instant Settlement Staking

  • Instant settlement staking is a significant part of the AIO Exchange future.
  • Will allow users to trade instantly.
  • Stake holders from AIO Exchange can choose to stake tokens to offset risk of slippage in users wanting the best execution model instantly.
  • Users that do not wish to stake due to the risks, will still earn from the risk-free best execution model.
  • Skewed normal distribution fee model (most likely AIO Exchange wins, and stake holders profit).
  • Staked funds will ensure any lost funds (price slippage) from user transactions during the deposit-trade-withdraw process are covered.

Fiat On Ramp

  • Will support user deposits via visa and mastercard. Bank transfer from certain countries will also be supported.
  • Hold gbp, eur, usd and more assets on platform.Hold gbp, eur, usd and more assets on platform.

Q1-Q2 2024

DeFi Connectivity

  • This isn't connection to DeFi platforms (although this will be raised this upon governance).
  • Will allow users to connect via their DeFi wallet to swap tokens, no account.
  • Users can make use of the centralized exchanges while actually maintaining de-centrality.
  • Disruption to decentralized exchanges, due to liquidity advantages of large transactions.

Exchange Batch 7

  • Exchange Support Will Include Bitget, UpBit And

Blockchain Batch 3

  • Blockchain Support Will Include 8 new networks, including the Bitcoin Lightning Network and Cardano.

    Other networks include: "VET","HNT","LIQ","OMG","OMNI","FTM"

Q1-Q2 2024

Governance Staking

  • AIO holders will make key decisions towards the direction of AIO Exchange and it's ecosystem.
  • Users will be able to stake AIO Exchange Tokens (earning interest), on how they think AIO looks best in the future.
  • Should we integrate DeFi exchanges (trust of tokens listed)? Which chains should we distribute AIO tokens on?

Multichain Token

  • Solana has it's disadvantages, just like every blockchain.
  • We want to distribute the token on additional blockchains (e.g. ERC20,TRX ,ALG)
  • No Dilution: New tokens on these blockchains will involve a 1:1 burn:mint ratio (or equivalent measure) of our supply.

Q3-Q4 2024

Settlement 2.0

  • Settlement 2.0 will build upon our instant settlement staking (risk) model, adding more risk free staking options.
  • Users will be able to stake their assets on multiple operations key to AIO Exchange interoperability.
  • Includes the Wrapping And Unwrapping of tokens, bridges and depositing and withdrawing (USDT) to exchanges for the purpose of changing the blockchain.
  • This will facilitate more transaction routes, ultimately resulting in better prices.

Options Aggregation

  • Allow API and dashboard users to access options from providers including Deribit and OKX. (Request demo from AIO Exchange team for options software, currently in testing).