Pure Utility Value

AIO tokens are the backbone of the exchange, directly facilitating the world's most diverse exchange platform. The ecosystem requires AIO to fund transactions via the cheapest of 16+ exchanges connected to the platform.

Decentralized USDT Rewards

AIO re-invents rewards, whereby AIO Exchanges profit is distributed on a frequent basis to all wallets holding AIO. Profit is distributed in USDT via the Solana blockchain to all wallets holding the minimum AIO amount.

Ownership of AIO Exchange

By owning AIO tokens you essentially own a fraction of the exchange, also entitling you to a piece of all transaction fees and deposit fees. Instant settlement orders releasing in 2023 will power high reward staking and additional benefits.

Earn Profit From AIO Exchange, directly into your own personal wallet.

AIO Exchange converts the profits from users performing transactions and withdrawals, and distributes this to token holders. You don't even need an account with AIO to earn from it's profit!

Next Profit Distribution












Distribution Settings: Weekly On Monday At UTC 13:30

Next Distribution Date: 7/10/2023 1:30:00 PM






Profit Distributed To Holders

90.0% of our total profit generated from withdrawal fees and transaction fess is distributed to token holders by % ownership. At the end of every period, an automatic snapshot of the blockchain at the approx. time of expiry is taken and funds are sent to the wallet holding AIO in rewards currency.





Minimum Holding

In order to receive profits for the end of the period, users must hold the minimum number of tokens. This ensures there is a large enough incentive for transaction fees, and ensures a larger token demand.


Rewards Currency

USDT (SPL) is the current rewards currency. Note the distribution/ dividend process should only be considered complete once you have received your USDT. There is no guaruntee you will receive your profit share if you send your AIO before receiving your rewards.

How does it work?

1. User selects cryptocurrency to exchange

The user selects the cryptocurrency they want to buy and sell from over 4,000+ cryptocurrencies, and over 15,000+ market pairs. Users can choose to execute at the best available price at the time of the transaction (Best Execution Order), or opt in for instant settlement (Instant Settlement Order 2023).

2. AIO Exchange finds the cheapest exchange

AIO Exchange will find the cheapest exchange route including any related transaction fees (gas) and exchange costs. For Best Execution Orders The platform will charge a small execution fee (in AIO) on top of the transaction. For Instant Settlement Orders The engine uses an advanced algorithm to calculate a slippage-time fee (in AIO) from historical data. Essentially the slippage-time fee is used to offset the risk of any negative price movement during the transaction period.

3. Fee is returned to owners and stakers

Anyone who owns the the minimum amount of AIO is entitled to best execution transaction and withdraw fee rewards. This is currently where the total profit of the exchange comes from. Users just hold AIO in their Solana wallet ...anywhere, and they will receive their percentage of profit. the nature of the solana blockchain and its low tx (gas) fees supports this mass payout. Coming 2023: Stakers in the AIO Exchange ecostystem can earn rewards from depositing AIO into the platform. For Instant Settlement Orders The transaction fee is designed using an algorithm such that there is an approximately 75% probability of profiting the transaction. Any profit from transaction fees are then evenly distributed amongst stakers in AIO.

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